How to Wire a House   How to Wire a House

Automation Projects

Automation Projects
  The following information is intended to provide links to various websites on how to perform numerous tasks. On many tasks multiple links are given to provide a wider range of information. However, no warranty is made regarding the accuracy or completeness of these links. Refer to our Links page for additional electrical sites.

X10 Automation:

  How does it work

     Detailed explanation -

  X10 Products

     X-10 Products at Smarthome

     X10 - Wall Switches


Structured Wiring:

  How to wire your house

     How to wire house for Structured Wiring -

     Install Multiple Video Connections -

  Structured Wiring Products


Home Networking:

  Home Networks

     How to wire house for networking -

     How to install an In-home Computer Network -



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