How to Wire a House   How to Wire a House

Electrical Projects for House Wiring

Electrical Projects for House Wiring
  The following information is intended to provide information and links on how to wire a house. On many tasks, multiple links are given to provide a wider range of information on house wiring. However, no warranty is made regarding the accuracy or completeness of these links. Refer to our Links page for additional electrical sites.

How To Wire a:

Receptacle Type
Receptacle GFCI 3-Way Switch or Dimmer

How To Videos:

How To Links:

Wire a 220 Volt Receptacle

Wire a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Wire a Ceiling Fan

Wire a Doorbell & Chime

Install a Garage Door Opener

Wire an Isolated-Ground Receptacle

Wire a Thermostat

Wire a 3-Way Switch

Wire a 4-Way Switch

Wire a Dimmer




Interior Lighting:


Installing Recessed Lighting

Installing Track Lighting

Installing a Chandelier

Install an Interior Motion Switch

Replacing Interior Light Fixtures




Exterior Lighting:

Installing a Motion Detector or Flood Light

Installing Outdoor Decorative Lighting

     Outdoor Decorative Lighting -

Installing Low Voltage and Solar Exterior Lighting 



Telephone Wiring:

Doing your own telephone wiring

How to install a Phone Jack -




Electrical Basics:

The Basics of Switches and Receptacles

How does a GFCI work?





  Choosing a Lamp

  Highlight Your Home's Decor with Lighting

  Light Bulb Buying Guide

  Tips for Choosing Indoor Lighting

  Automate Your Home

  Energy Efficient Lighting

  Universal Design - Lighting






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