Bedroom Codes

AFCI protection required for all 125V 15A & 20A outlets, this would include smoke detectors and AC units if the unit is 120VAC. - 210.12(B)

AFCI not required for switches located in a bedroom that control lights in another space. This is because a switch is not an outlet.

Many jurisdictions may not require AFCI protection at this time. Check with your local jurisdiction for more information.

Carbon Monoxide sensors require on wall @ thermostat height outside all sleeping quarters. This would include a guest bedroom located in another location.

Smoke detector located 3’ from the Door & 3’ from a Duct. Located one in every bedroom, guest room, and family room, outside of all bedrooms, and in the basement. Smoke detector must be feed from a lighting circuit. ex. If the circuit tripped, you would know immediately because the lights would not work.

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